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Canvas wall art is a wonderful solution for anyone looking to decorate bare wall space in their home or office. From Western art and landscapes to famous art masterpieces and abstracts, you are sure to find what you’re looking for in the online store at My Canvas Art. We are proud to offer quality canvases that are handcrafted in the U.S. and can be delivered to your home quickly and free of any shipping charges. Our ultra-chrome inks provide the vivid colors that will help your large wall art pieces to truly shine. With more than thirty years of experience in the canvas art industry, you can trust that we provide the quality craftsmanship and service that you need. Browse our site today to see all that we have to offer.

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Canvas Wall Art for the Home

Benefits of Art in the Home

Whether you were raised with a deep appreciation for art or you have always felt drawn towards creative works of art, there are many benefits that you can reap from displaying canvas art on the walls of your home. Not only is art a form of expression for the artist, but also for the people who display it.

  • You can show glimpses into your personality, beliefs, and feelings with the wall art that you exhibit in your home.
  • Art encourages dialogue and conversations about the thoughts and feelings they have as a result of viewing your canvas art.
  • If you have children in your home, then you will encourage their creativity and imagination by allowing them to observe the creativity of others.
  • Art can improve the quality of your life by bringing warmth and color to the walls you live in.

How to Choose the Right Art for Your Home

When it comes to selecting the perfect canvas prints for your home, there are several different categories that you should consider before making your purchase. Make sure to apply each of these categories for every room that you intend to display art.

  • Color - It is easy to get lost in your decisions if you are focusing on finding wall art that displays colors that match the rest of the decor in the room. While there is nothing wrong with trying to match colors, it’s not the only way to choose the right piece of canvas art for the room. Another option is to choose colors that are on the opposite side of the color wheel. If you feel that the piece compliments the space and you are attracted to it, then be sure to hang it up so that you can truly enjoy it!
  • Size and Scale - It is usually better to choose larger pieces of artwork, as you want it to be the focal point in the room. If you are searching for the perfect canvas print to display above your sofa, you don’t want to order something that is too small and ends up looking inappropriate for the wall space. Smaller pieces will work well when hung together as a gallery. Another option is to order a small print to be framed and matted on an extra-large matte to increase its visual impact.
  • Variety - One of the great things about art is that you can display both old and new art side-by-side without any dissonance. In fact, contrasting art pieces can create the energy and excitement that your room needs!
  • Love - If there was one immutable law in art, it would be to never buy something that you don’t love. Just because a particular piece of art is famous doesn’t mean that you are required to also love it and display it. Feel confident about purchasing unique canvas prints that you connect with, and hang them in your home to offer glimpses into your personality.

At My Canvas Art, we provide a wide assortment of canvas prints that are sure to brighten up any wall in your home. Whether you are looking for abstract art, pop art, or classical art, you are sure to find the ideal pieces in our online store. Shop today!

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Large Wall Art for the Office

Benefits of Art in the Office

Art has many tangible benefits for the office, including happier employees, better communication, and reduced stress. While it may not be possible to calculate a classic return on investment (ROI) as far as increased productivity is concerned, you will likely see numerous benefits from improving the environment in your office with canvas prints.

  • Atmosphere - The art that you choose to hang in the office will not only create an engaging and positive atmosphere, but it will also help to promote the type of culture that you want your employees to emulate. A positive work culture can also lead to other benefits, including better staff retention and increased productivity.
  • Communication - Art by its very nature is intended to promote discussion and dialogue. Depending on the canvas pieces that you display, you can subtly encourage employees to walk around the office to explore the different pieces of wall art. This movement can lead to an increase in conversations among different groups of people, and create a more cohesive team.
  • Culture - Very likely, you have chosen a particular culture that you work to cultivate in the office. Wall art can help to promote this culture simply by reflecting those values. While plants and furniture can help convey the type of company that you are, canvas prints go even further by helping you clearly communicate the values that your company promotes.
  • Creativity - Sometimes the source of creativity for your employees can be refueled through the large wall art that is arrayed throughout the office. Be sure to select a variety of pieces that promote positive thinking and confidence. You may just be surprised at the increase in productivity that comes from employees who are feeling happier and more confident.

How to Choose Art for the Office

While you may know what taste you personally have in art, trying to select the right pieces of wall art for the office is an entirely different matter. There are several factors that you should consider to make sure that you are choosing the best possible pieces for your company. You want to make sure that no matter what you choose, you don’t allow your company to appear as another faceless corporation. Don’t be afraid to choose wall art that seems contrary to your industry. As long as your canvas prints clearly represent the heart of your company’s culture, you are sure to display great pieces that everyone will enjoy.

  • Branding - You want to make a good first impression on each client who enters your office, and what better way to do that than through unique and colorful canvas art? Whether you choose art that reflects your company’s colors, logo, or culture, you are sure to make a lasting first impression with the wall art you display.
  • Budget - Sometimes the least flashy aspect is one of the most important — the budget. Finding the right art for your office can be difficult if you are unable to afford it. At My Canvas Art, we are proud to offer a wide selection of canvas prints that are budget-friendly and sure to please the finance department in your office.
  • Variety - There are many lovely pieces of wall art that you can hang in your office, but if you are someone who gets easily bored, then it could be a good idea to rotate the pieces on display. Rotating your canvas prints every six months to a year could offer a relatively easy schedule to maintain, and provide your office with a much-needed facelift to boost morale and production.

Whether you are looking for large wall art for the board room, break room, or lobby, you are sure to find the canvas prints you need in the online store at My Canvas Art. Browse our store today, and purchase the canvas wall art you need.

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Selecting the Right Canvas Wall Art for the Space

The function of a room should be considered when deciding what type of art to display. Not every piece of canvas art will look right in every room. There are different factors to consider before placing your wall art in a given room.

  • Kitchen - All too often, the kitchen is overlooked when it comes to displaying art in the home. While cabinets and appliances tend to take up most of the wall space in this room, it does not mean that you should completely ignore art. Select several smaller pieces to display, and watch your kitchen be transformed with the addition of these beautiful canvas prints.
  • Living Room - One of the primary focal points of most living rooms is the large wall space above the couch. This area naturally lends itself towards highlighting your favorite works of art. Avoid a couple of the more common mistakes when selecting wall art, and be sure to order canvas art that is large enough to create the illusion that the space is larger than it is. Make sure to also hang it about six inches above the top of the couch to maximize visual space and eyelines. Hanging it any higher could visually separate the couch and the art and make them seem disconnected.
  • Bedroom - Sometimes it’s nice to hang two or three smaller pieces of canvas art side by side rather than one large piece. If you plan to hang several pieces of art above your bed, then make sure that you measure first to ensure that they will be hanging with no more than three inches between the frames. Opt for lining the frames with the bedposts, and you’ll likely end up with two pieces of art that appear to hate each other.
  • Boardroom - Just as with your home, choosing art for the boardroom is also something that you should be intentional about. Selecting the right canvas prints, sizes, and locations is crucial to creating a cohesive look in this important meeting room. If the majority of the walls are glass, and your actual wall space is limited, then make sure to choose a canvas print that embodies the best of everything that you want to represent your company. Make sure to select a size that is large enough to create some visual drama, and display it.
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Art Should be Enjoyed by Everyone!

At My Canvas Art, we believe that art should be readily available for anyone to enjoy! We are proud to offer amazing art paintings that can be used in any space that you wish to display art. From big canvas prints to office art prints and more, you are sure to find what you’re looking for in our online store. We offer fine art printing that will not fade and uses ultra-chrome inks to provide your art with the most vivid colors possible. With more than 30 years of experience, you can trust our products to deliver the highest quality available.

The wide variety of categories and artists that we offer means that you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. From landscapes and animals to Western art and abstracts, our categories span a wide array of artistic styles and genres. Looking for a particular artist? You won’t be disappointed with our extensive collection of canvas art from modern artists to some of the great art masters.

Our canvas art is available in a variety of sizes, framing options, and matting styles so that you can perfectly select the options that will help your wall art to stand out no matter where you choose to display it. In fact, because art should be enjoyed by everyone, we also offer the option for you to have your photographs turned into works of art. Simply decide whether you want single prints, canvases, or three-piece canvases, and we’ll do the rest. At My Canvas Art, we stand behind our work because we want you to be proud of all of the large wall art pieces that you order. Contact us today for any questions you have, and order the best wall art from our online store!